3D-Printing area

Most 3D-Printing is a plastic filament on a string thats fed into a preheated nozzle, leading to the filament melting and then being pushed through the nozzle. The nozzle is guided in 2 axes (X and Y) and the platform its printing on moves along the Z axis, making the printing three dimensional.
Another way to print (that we have the printer to do) is by hardening a fluid filament with a laser, in this case the platform is lowered into the fluid and the laser comes from below and hardens the fluid.
At the moment we have eight printers total, that´s three of Flashforge "Finder" printer, two Flashforge "Dreamer" printers, two Zortrax "M200" printers and one Formlabs "Form2" printer.  Regarding filament, we have PLA, ABS and TPU. We have also done some printing with wooden and copper filaments.

This is a print with PLA-filament

The front part is printed with wooden filament and the back one is printed with flexible filament

This is printed with the laserprinter

This is one of the Zortrax printers, printing a PLA filament

This is a Zortrax printers, printing with a PLA filament

This is the laserprinter

This is the laserprinter